Saving lives one drop at a time

On Friday, Oct. 25, the National Honors Society (NHS) put on one of their bi-annual blood drives to help people in need of blood transfusions and other medical conditions. DHS has partnered with Versiti Blood Center of Michigan as they have in previous years. The blood drive took place the majority of the day in the green gym where they had 9 chairs for students to give blood at the same time. They also had lots of snacks and water for the students to enjoy while they waited to be released as well as a TV with Disney movies playing. The blood drawing process takes less than 15 minutes and can save up to 3 lives per donation. 

Logan McNamara was one of the organizers that helped set up the operation. 

“We were given the goal of recruiting 62 potential prospects, we ended up falling just short of the goal, we had 56 total appointments, with probably around 10 walk-ins throughout the day,” McNamara said.

Due to the blood drive taking place on the Friday of the MHS vs. DHS football game is seen as the reason why they didn’t reach their goal of donors.

“Several students couldn’t donate that day due to being involved in football, pom, cheerleading, band, etc.” McNamara said.

Overall, the blood drive was very successful with the possibility of around 138 lives being saved due to the donations of DHS students and staff.

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