Chemistry Club members gather for Mole Day

The members of Chemistry Club came together on Oct. 23 for their second meeting of the year to celebrate Mole Day. They enjoyed each other’s company while eating mole themed food, listening to chemistry puns, and playing chemistry and Mole Day themed Kahoots.

“Chemistry club is just a fun place to hang out and do crazy stuff that you wouldn’t in your normal science class,” sophomore Sofia Aultman said. “It’s just really fun because Mr. Colvin is so funny and he’s just a really great guy, and he just makes the environment so friendly and warm to be around. It’s just pretty fun.” 

Mole Day is a day dedicated to Avagradro’s number, 6.02 x 10^23, a number used quite frequently in chemistry as a conversion factor for atoms and molecules. 

“Chem Club to me is a place where I can go and enjoy all the cool things that we can do with chemistry that we wouldn’t necessarily do in chem class with other people that also enjoy doing chem,” junior Josh Kilne said. “We can do a lot more of the things that might take longer than a class period, we can’t do them during class, so we can do that.” 

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