Preparation for boy’s volleyball game

 In 2017, Michigan began a process to consider boy’s volleyball as a team sport recognized by the high schools. Currently in Michigan there are 64 schools that are up for participation according to the NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations). Schools more commonly in the south and east coast have adopted offering volleyball for both genders due to the opportunities for men at the college level. There were 24 states with 2,472 schools that had a boys volleyball team during the 2017-18 school year. 

Senior Hailey Tanis and junior Gabby Wilson have proposed a boy’s volleyball team for the spirit week in either December or January against the MHS’s boy’s volleyball team. The team would consist of 18 upperclassman boys playing two sets of games. They would attend one or two practices from the girl’s volleyball team to teach them the basics of the sport and what rules they must follow during the game. 

“It’s another sport the guys can do and just to having the opportunity is really big because that’s something you can go to college for,” Wilson said.

However, Student Leadership is waiting on the approval of gym time for the boys and the planning is in the early stages to make a boy’s volleyball team a reality.

Sign ups will be posted once closer to the date of the event in Alex Karapas’s room, 330.

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