SADD/SAVE kickoff

The Students Against Destructive Decisions and Students Against Violence Everywhere (SADD/SAVE) club started the year off slow with a lack of members at the first meeting of the school year. The first meeting occurred last Tuesday after school in Mrs. Bremer’s room. 

“At the meeting on Tuesday we recapped what we talked about at the anti-bullying conference,” president and senior Lillian Pressnell-Manceau said. “And we decided what our plans are for the Kindness Week coming up in November.”

SADD/SAVE is implementing a new event this year called Kindness Week. 

”In the past years we’ve had anti-bullying week, but this year, we have Kindness Week, so every day for one week in November, the club does something for the school that has to do with the theme of kindness,” Pressnell-Manceau said. 

The club is going to give out free stress balls, hand out coffee to teachers for free, and give out nice messages so people can have a better day. The new campaign should get the school more involved and should draw more students to the club. According to Pressnell-Manceau, the club is in desperate need of new members. 

“I am the only returning member,” Pressnell-Manceau said. “I’ve managed to get a couple people to join the club but we really need more people to join the club. Otherwise we’re not going to be able to carry out.” 

For a student to join the club, simply showing up to a meeting will make them a member. 

The next meeting will be Tuesday, Oct. 29th.

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