Debate domination

DHS debate opened their 2019 season by competing at West Bloomfield. Senior Tayce Shamamian and junior Faith Tabler won the open division and Tabler placed as the third overall speaker. DHS sent Schmamian and Tabler as well as junior Rehan Manjilla, senior Benjamin Vercellino, and sophomore Noah Black. 

Open division is a form of debate meant to mix junior varsity and varsity teams for practice and for newer students to learn from more experienced debaters. While this isn’t what DHS predominantly does, the debate team can be very effective at winning the open division.

This year’s debate theme is on American arms sales to foreign countries. While some are excited, some are unsure about this new topic.

“I liked last year’s topic better since last year was immigration, and I feel like there were better debates last year,” Manjila said.

The debate team is scheduled to compete at the University of Michigan on Nov. 2.

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