Chargers varsity tennis wins at regionals

The DHS boys varsity tennis team finished first at regionals this past weekend at the Midland Tennis Center, scoring 23 out of the 24 possible points. The teams competing included Alpena, Bay City Central, Bay City Western, Greenville, and Traverse City Central.

“This [regional tournament] is like the stepping stone to state so we have to perform well here so we can make it onto states,” senior Anish Middha said.

The lineup at regionals had Middha playing the number one spot for singles, with Colson Wells playing second, Saketh Kamaraju playing third, and Aiden Tanis playing fourth singles. For doubles, Sentthur Vijayam and Gavin Killmaster were playing the number one spot, Caleb Qiu and Marshall McGaugh playing second, Thomas Ladwien and Zaky El-Nachef playing third, and Enrico Setiawan and Alex Kuo playing fourth.

Almost everyone won their finals sets.  Senior Enrico Setiawan and Alex Kuo who lost, but still stay focused on the future.

“I just want to give it my best,” Setiawan said. “Because whatever happens today will matter for states, and states is the big one.”

With regionals over, the team hopes to finish top five at states.

“I’m most excited for kind of our practice and our potential building up to really be showcased,” Middha said. “This is where all the best teams in the division come and play and we’ve been really working hard to build our new lineup so it’ll be good to see how everyone does.”

The states competition is Oct. 18 and Oct. 19 at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Aidan Tanis returning in first doubles.
Anish Middha serving in first singles.
Anish Middha returning in first singles.
Marshall McGaugh playing in second doubles.
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