A fresh start to football

The Alliance of American Football (AAF) is a new professional football league that brings a new interest to the NFL offseason. This league consist of former college stars previous NFL athletes and a few new faces to the league. The AAF brings a lot of potential to be the next major pastime.

The games will have no kickoffs or extra points which will spur more high-paced action. It will also have a sky judge, a referee above the stands who will be able to correct obviously missed calls. Overtime will have the same rules as college football, each team getting one possession from the opponent’s 10 yard line to try and score. Players of the AAF have state of the art protection on the field and plenty of new opportunities off the field.

NFL owners have already taken a liking to this new league because it gives them a chance to see talent develop and find some diamonds in the rough. ESPN recently aired a talk on whether or not this league would help or hurt the NFL. The reactions were quite interesting.

“I think this league is good for the NFL, I think more football is good for everybody,”said sports analyst Will Cain”.

This new league will be packed full of action from eight outstanding teams for 12 weeks straight. Not only has the AAF shown dynamic play on the field, but it has also shown a focus on the world outside of football. Donating $15,000 to Team Rubicon; a nonprofit organization that helps communities struck by disaster. This league has given football fans a new pastime throughout the offseason. This new league also brings a new presentation to watching football with new camera angles and a deep level of fan interaction. The AAF recently gave away two free tickets to any fan over on their Instagram page.

The future of the AAF is still up in the air if they continue on the path that they are going, many can see a bright future. Most regular season games can be viewed on CBS Sports Network, NFL Network, or Bleacher Report live. Playoffs will begin April 20th,until then expect, more thrilling games of football.

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