Thrifting fit for a king

Buying a necklace for $5 and blouse for $15 are prices one could find in a thrift store.  While it could be slightly used, it does not diminish the use in fashion. For students who like to shop, it means being able to buy more for less.  Thrifting not only allows consumers to find things for cheap, but also to discover things they did not expect.

Cluster PhotoWhen something has been used, it becomes cheaper. Brand clothes bought new in stores often cost significantly more than similar clothing found in thrift stores.

“At Walmart for example you could a new pair of jeans for up to $15 or $20, but at GoodWill or Salvation Army you could get the same brand of jeans for like two to five dollars,” junior Kathleen Sullivan said.

One worry that some may express about used clothing is that the items are too worn out. Surprisingly, it is found that many articles of clothing found at thrift stores are actually just slightly used.  Junior Casey Theisen often finds purchases that are relatively close to new.

“You can find clothes that are barely used most of the time, and they last just as long [as store bought],” Theisen said.

Model photo
Checkered Jean. Senior Mindy Kidder models her thrifted outfit composed of a subtle plaid shirt and designer jeans.

The benefit of being able to buy cheap also means that more items can be purchased. This leads to one of the more key pieces of thrifting: discovery.

“You’ll find things that you weren’t looking for, but finding them cheap means you’ll get them now,” senior Miranda Kidder said.

Becoming familiar with thrifting means taking a chance at style exploration. A buyer can get to searching with a set list, but discover that there is something else that may catch their eye.

“Usually I go to a thrifting store in order to find something I’m looking for like jeans or shirts, and I’ll find things I wasn’t expecting,” Sullivan said. “Thrifting is a very good opportunity to find items that you didn’t you wanted but you ended up wanting anyways”.

Pink dress
Perfect Pink. Junior Casey Theisen displays her special find of a pink prom dress that she discovered at GoodWill.

One of those finds can be something special which a buyer didn’t think they were going to find. Theisen is one of the thrifters who found that perfect match.

“I found a prom dress that was very pretty and it was barely used. It was a very unique dress to me because not a lot of dresses fit my size,” Theisen said.

Thrifting is more than just buying cheap. It can involve discovering clothing that are fashionable as well as affordable. One can save money while also taking part in more shopping. It’s having fun in the fact of discovering new things that a buyer was not expecting. Sometimes that purchase may be the perfect fit for someone. Whatever the case, the thrift stores are open and they are awaiting another discovery.

By: Rachel Dembowski

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