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As the spring musical races towards us, it’s a very emotional time for seniors who will be doing the last DHS production of their high school careers. DHS will be losing some very talented and treasured actors and actresses this year.

“I’m sad that I’m leaving, but at the same time I’m happy I’m going to be doing different things,” senior Dan Hall said.

Many of these seniors have melancholy feelings about this year’s musical.

“It’s bittersweet, on one hand I get to go on and do bigger and better things, and I get to take the lessons I’ve learned and apply them to new shows. It’s sad because I’ve done it for so long and I’ve loved everything about it,” senior Lauren Daniels said.

Nevertheless many are still excited about the production.

“Having such a cool production like beauty and the beast is kind of like our last hurrah,” senior Brinli Leonhardt said.

Drama has played a huge role in many of these student’s lives. It’s helped them become not only better actors but also better leaders, traits and skills that they will carry with them beyond college to whatever lies after.

Some of these seniors had no intentions of actually ending up in the thespian society.

“If you told me my freshman year I was going to be singing and dancing for the rest of my life I wouldn’t have believed you because I wasn’t there yet,” Hall said. “But sophomore year I started singing and that kind of thing, and I really enjoyed it so now that’s what I’m going to do, it’s what I want to do, so it’s pretty much changed my entire life.”

A few have even been influenced enough to the point where they want to use the skills that they learned to pursue a career, for instance Hall who plans on going into vocal performance. While for others, drama has just been a hobby that has helped them become the people they are today.

“Drama is something I’m very passionate about, and by being  a part of them I’ve found out a lot about my self, so it’s developed who I am today, and I have the confidence that I wouldn’t have by being a part of these shows,” said Leonhardt.

So if you want to see these seniors in their last production go to Beauty and the Beast showing this weekend, you can buy tickets outside the lunch room during both lunches.

By: Maddie F Jones

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