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greatGreat Lakes Ice Cream

Best hard scoop.
Price: $3.98 for single in dish
Rate: 10
Description: Has many different original options such as Dog Puke (blue moon with cookie dough), lemon bar, and wake up call (coffee with brownie and chocolate chunks). Their hard scoop is an all time favorite because of the unique flavors that only they have to offer. Also offers a variety of candies and nuts from St. Laurents Brothers in Bay City and homemade ice cream cakes. Craving Great Lakes at Home? Buy a whole pint of favorite flavors for the go.

cherry berr

Cherry Berry

Best frozen yogurt
Price: $5.05 for amount pictured
Rate: 10
Description: The atmosphere is light and cheery and they offer a unique set of frozen yogurt flavors including salted caramel, banana nut bread, and mango sorbet. The flavors change regularly, offering new options but sometimes losing some of your favorites. The consistency of the yogurt has more of an ice cream taste than other frozen yogurts joints.They offer sample cups for taste testing to pick the perfect flavor. They also have a case of chocolate delights ranging from truffles to chocolate covered Oreos, specially made caramel apples, and made to order frozen yogurt cakes.


Yogurt Yeti

Best toppings
Price: $3.46 for amount pictured
Rate: 7
Description: From cheesecake to fruity pebbles they have everything you could imagine to top off your fro-yo. The toppings are limitless, supplying a plethora of options including fruits, chocolates and syrups and even unique things like cereals and cheesecake. The yogurt here has more of a yogurt taste than other frozen yogurt places like Cherry Berry.

yeti 2
We just got vanilla fro-yo and it was creamier than the fro-yo at Cherry Berry. The best part of the experience was the toppings- we put fruity pebbles, cookie dough, cheesecake bites, brownie bites and maraschino cherries to make this indulgent dessert.


cottage 2

Cottage Creamery

Best selection
Price: $2.92 for a single
Rate: 9
Description: With over 24 different soft serve options, hard scoop, coffee drinks, slushies, malts, shakes and flurries, Cottage Creamery by far has the largest collection of choices over their competition in Midland. With a 50s feel and family atmosphere, Cottage Creamery is an inviting place to either sit inside or sit on the patio outside and enjoy your ice cream.

Dairy Queen

dq 1

Best on the go
Price: $1.90 for a small cone
Rate: 8
Description: Drive-thru is a convenient way to satisfy your ice cream cravings on the go. Dairy Queen can be a quick, easy way to pick up a blizzard, sundae, or cone while your in a rush. Dairy Queen has a variety of combinations for their soft serve ice cream with options like blizzards of the month. Dairy Queen also offers ice cream cakes and other take home options like Dairy Bars in boxes to take home.

We ordered a small twist cone, it was a easy and quick trip to through the drive thru and the ice cream was a great classic treat.






Best flavor combinations
Price: $3.18 for a mini concrete mixer
Rate: 9
Description: Ranging from Bonfire S’mores to Cappuccino almond fudge, culvers flavors of the day offer a different option each day. Create your own concrete mixer or sundae with creamy custard and topped with a wide selection of toppings.

coney and cone

Us Coney and Cone

Best sundae
Price: $2.68
Rate: 6
Description: Old school banana splits, sundaes with full brownies, and other delicious shakes and malts are only some of the treats Coney and Cone has to offer. Similar to Dairy Queen, you can get a sweet treat on the go.

coney and cone 3
We ordered a small dipped twist. The ice cream was a lot icier than the DQ twist but the chocolate dip was and amazing add on to a go-to dessert.
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