Football Players Bulk Up at Spring Workouts

Starting back in December, the DHS football team began off-season football workouts to stay in shape for next fall.

Junior, Kevin Murray’s goal for football workouts is “to get people there, get people faster, stronger, and better.”

Practice is on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 2:35 to around 3:35.  There is always at least one coach at practice to watch.  Some of the coaches are Coach Watkins, Coach Gust and Coach Streeter.

“We start in the gym and do plyometric or speed exercises for 20 minutes, then we head upstairs to the loft and do core exercises, then we go into the weight room for 20-30 minutes and we usually wrap up with a conditioning activity and stretching,” sophomore Alex Doty says of a typical practice.

These practices are optional, but many players choose to come to enhance their performance and work to help achieve their goals for the upcoming season.

“Personally for me it’s my last season, so sadly it’s a little bitter sweet, everyone will look up to me, but it will be my last year so I’ll see how many people I can put on the ground,” Murray said.

As the school year is drawing to a close, summer workouts will start up right away from 7-9 AM.

Click Here to register for football and to see the upcoming fall schedule soon.

By: Sarah Brandstadt

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