Poetic readings at Journey’s Coffee House

Powerful and moving poetry was read on April 22. at Journey’s Coffee House. This poetry slam was put on by DHS’s Poetry Club and Delta College’s Word Garden. A number of DHS students showed up to support and about 15 read.

“The turnout at Journeys was most definitely successful,” sophomore and poetry club member, Jessica Brooks said. “Students came who might not have come thanks to the encouragement of teachers, families came to support their loved one, and friends came to cheer each other on.”

Journey’s was open to the public so anyone who wanted to come in and listen could.

“This was my hardest reading I have done yet,” Brooks said. “There were people I didn’t know, and the public could walk in as they pleased; both as which I am no means used to.”

The night was opened up by Delta college sophomore Grace Carras and DHS students followed.  If you wanted to read all you had to do was sign up on the list. Two other students that performed were sophomores Paiton LeBeau and Jessica Bunnelle who both read poems about their siblings.

“It meant a lot to me because it was so personal and it showed my sister’s real story,” Lebeau said about her poem that was about her little sister having depression.

Bunnelle wrote about her older brother and his struggles.

“It was about my brother and what he goes through and how it hurts me to see him hurting all the time,” Bunnelle said.

Bunnelle, Brooks, and LeBeau all said they were nervous before reading their poems.

“It was super nerve-racking because I’m not good at public speaking and I was super afraid people wouldn’t like what I wrote,” Lebeau said.

Overall, most thought the atmosphere was encouraging. Brooks said that some students read that she didn’t expect.

“It really opened my eyes to the abilities of the students around me in my classes,” Brooks said.

For more information about Journey’s Coffee House click here

By: Delaney Strouse

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