Performing Passionate Poetry

Poetry is a way to release positive and negative energy through the form of writing. There is a poetry club at DHS which is run by Mrs. Thompson after seventh hour. For more information on the specific days, contact Mrs. Thompson.

“During these meetings members mostly eat snacks, watch slams, talk about ideas and occasionally write some group poems,” sophomore, Jessica Brooks said. On Friday, April 22, a poetry slam was put on by the Delta College Word Garden and the DHS Poetry Club. A couple of years ago, the DHS Poetry Club put on an open mic night at Journeys Coffee House and it was a success.

“We had like a hundred people show up and probably 25 people read a poem and they were really awesome,” Thompson said.

Brooks and senior Ethan Swarthout both have performed at the open mic nights at DHS before and plan on performing this Friday as well.

“Although I have a charismatic attribute when I got onstage the first time I kinda did freeze,” Swarthout said.

He then continued to explain that after the second time performing and getting used to people’s faces it was a lot better. Thompson also said that it was nerve-racking the first time but once she got up there it was not that bad. Swarthout started writing poetry freshman year in Mrs. Thompsons class.

“We had Halloween coming up and she wanted us to write a scary poem, my poem never turned out scary and it was more of a comedic poem, the kids seemed to like it so I was just like maybe I should get into it more,” Swarthout said.

Poetry is something he does everyday and he considers himself a poet at heart. Brooks started writing poetry in the 4th grade.

“My teacher gave us this really dumb assignment about what we wanted to be when we grew up and I found out then that poetry is actually really cool and its not like the dumb stuff that you read as a child, it’s stuff that you make yourself and it’s your own words and that makes it amazing,” Brooks said.

For more information on the open mic location click here

By: Delaney Strouse

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