Everyday should be Earthday

You know that big garbage float in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? The one that’s as big as Texas? Well, that’s just one of the environmental catastrophes that isn’t going anywhere without our help. As inhabitants of this planet we have to take care of it, for it to take care of us, and the way we’re treating our home now, we better prepare for eviction.

Seriously though, without days like Earth Day most students would never bat an eye at what goes on in the environment. With a mindset like that how can we expect anything to change? We need to think about the environmental impacts of our actions on a daily basis, even the simple things like recycling our water bottles instead of throwing them in the trash. Especially the simple things for that matter. We can’t all save the world, but by doing our part everyday we can make a difference.

Just look a the DHS halls for example, nobody likes to see garbage on the floor and a lot of us do stop to pick up trash and throw it away. Think of the earth as the “hallway” of the human race, if we all stop to pick up the trash we see, the earth becomes a better place for everyone.

This spring break I experienced first hand the effects of pollution on the beaches of Fla. and the Bahamas. It’s a sad sight to see when a bottle is washed up on the beach with no message inside, and even worse when it’s surrounded by stray plastic and broken flip flops.

Personally, I make an effort to recycle as much as I can and appreciate others who do the same. I am also part of the Conservation Club here at DHS, which provides me with opportunities to positively impact the environment. I encourage anyone interested in conservation or the environment to join our Conservation Club here or get involved in projects around our community.

For us to continue our stay here on planet Earth we have to respect it like it’s our home, after all it is the only one we’ve got. So let’s not waste it! Starting now let’s make a more concerted effort to keep our “hallways” clean. Let’s cherish this world and actually treat it like our home.

By: Bo Brueck

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