Go big or go home: Promposal edition

Prom requires a lot of planning and effort, especially since Midland combines both high schools into one dance every year. From finding the perfect dress to finding the perfect date or group to go with. One thing that most students agree on is asking someone to be their date is very stressful. These “promposals” are compared to actual marriage proposals – some believe they should be asked with this amount of effort. Things like giant signs, flowers, and a public setting are just a few ingredients for a typical promposal.

There tends to be controversy whether to go all out when asking someone or to just keep it simple.

“I think promposals are over rated, it should be okay to be more low key,” junior JJ Kirkman said. “It shouldn’t be a big deal, it’s just prom.”

Senior Olivia Lipsitt agrees, but also enjoys seeing promposals on social media.

“I think promposals can be cute if they are done right,” Lipsitt said. “Low key ones are better personally just because it’s more relaxed but the big ones are always so cool to see.”

Others like junior Katya Karnoup believe there is not set rule whether to make a lavish attempt or to keep it uncomplicated, but it should be personal for both people involved.

“I think it can go either way, it really depends on the person,” Karnoup said. “If I was a guy I’d go big or go home just because it’s a fun and can be a funny thing that shows off a creative side. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, it should fit the person.”

By: Shauna Nanavati

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