Indie video gaming: The quest of computer oddities


In a world of thousands of video game titles, there is a special category that may go unnoticed. They are the indie games. When someone typically thinks of video games, the first titles that come to mind would be something like Grand Theft Auto, Sims, or Mario. These titles are generally well known to people outside the gaming community. What many of people outside the more fluent crowd don’t realize is that there is a whole another field of play that often goes unnoticed by the mainstream gaming scene, labeled as indie games. While these games have received critical appraise from the gaming community, they are still vague in the minds of the more casual crowd. These games should be given more attention as they offer unique experiences that are both compelling and fun.

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Stardew Valley:


Papers Please:

By: Rachel Dembowski


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Rachel Dembowski

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