DIY Christmas gifts

Gift #1: Homemade play-dough for a child, or child at heart


Step 1. For this DIY the ingredients are one cup of salt, one-half cup of cornstarch, two cups of water, one tablespoon of powdered alum, two cups of flour, and two tablespoons of vegetable oil. Combine all these ingredients in a saucepan, mixing gradually over medium heat with a whisk. As it begins to thicken, switch to a wooden spoon and mix until it becomes too thick to stir. 





untitled2Step 2. Once the dough has completely thickened, it should have this consistency. 








Step 3. Place all the dough on a cutting board or another hard surface and place it in the refrigerator to cool for 10 minutes. 









Step 4. Separate the dough into smaller amounts and knead in food coloring. Make as many colors of play-dough as desired.










Step 5. Add as much food coloring as needed to make the desired color vibrancy. 









untitled7Step 6. The homemade play-dough is complete! This play-dough is fun, safe for kids, and made with ingredients that can be found in the kitchen. Give this gift to any kid, or kid-at-heart for a great new toy. 








Gift #2: Reindeer Cupcakes for the chocolate lover

untitledStep 1. Make any chocolate cake mix. The picture shows Betty Crocker’s Super Moist Butter chocolate cake mix recipe. Simply follow the instructions listed on the box. 








untitled2Step 2. Once cupcakes are finished, frost with chocolate frosting and get ready for decorating! 







untitled3Step  3. Add a mini Nilla Wafer cookie to make the muzzle of the reindeer. 







untitled4Step 4. Place pretzels on the top of the cupcakes to make the reindeer’s antlers. 







untitled5Step 5. Use frosting to attach a red M&M to the Nilla Wafer to make the nose. Use brown M&Ms for the cupcake to be a regular reindeer, or red M&Ms to make Rudolph.  






untitled6Step 6. Add a dot of white frosting and chocolate chips to the bottom of each pretzel to make eyes for your reindeer. Or, use white M&Ms with a dot of brown frosting or any other decorations to make eyes. 






untitled7Step 7. The reindeer are finished! Enjoy these cupcakes or give them as a cute and delicious gift to a chocolate lover. 









Gift #3: Photo Rubik’s Cube for the boyfriend/girlfriend

untitledStep 1. For this project six photos are needed, printed onto photo paper or sticker paper and cut into 2″ by 2″.  









untitled2Step 2. Using a ruler, draw on a grid of 3×3 to all of the photos. 










untitled3Step 3. Place small pieces of double-stick tape on each square of the Rubik’s cube. This step is not necessary if using sticker paper (available at Staples). 








untitled4Step 4. Stick on each square of the picture until the entire picture is placed. 









untitled5Step 5. Repeat with all six photos until the Rubik’s cube is covered. This gift is great for a boyfriend, girlfriend, or anyone who would like the gift of great memories through photo in a unique way. It’s also a bonus for anyone who enjoys solving puzzles, like Rubik’s cubes.  







By: Maddie Davis


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