Kicking off the new season of soccer

The city of Midland’s recreational soccer league takes the field, embarking on a new season of every-day students chasing around a ball, and enjoying every second of it.

This league, consisting of any member from the Midland area, meets at the Midland Soccer Club fields in Midland. The new league season starts at the beginning of the spring season, following spring break. For the players, it is just a fun way for them to enjoy some classic exercise with friends and acquaintances near or at their grade level.

“This is my second season in the rec soccer league,” junior Nick Steiner said. “Having played real soccer at the competitive level, it was nice to get away from that, and play carefree with people I wouldn’t normally play with.”

The soccer league allows for people to meet new people they wouldn’t be able to, absent this league. Many new relationships spark as a result. For Steiner, he had an even greater effect from this league, beyond the positive health repercussions.

“I actually met a girl from my team, and we eventually started dating for a while,” Steiner said.

The Midland recreational soccer league has become a popular activity for students to get outside their comfort zone and meet new people, while championing for their respective soccer teams.

For more information, is the site where registration and more information is available.

By Eric Hus

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