Announcing the next announcers, the audition process

Microphone on. Rotation set. Auditions for next year’s announcement team are in the process, and each candidate only gets one chance to impress.

Candidates meet in the announcement room following second hour and receive quick preparation from a past announcer and Financial Office Professional Lynn Kuznicki. Candidates are set in a rotation where each one gets a chance to deliver an announcement. As auditions take place, candidates will be evaluated by teachers throughout the DHS building. The details teachers will be looking for from each candidate are clarity, speed, pronunciation, and maturity. The voice must be clear and have inflection, as well as be at a normal pace so that those hearing the announcements can understand what the candidates are saying. Other than being understood, however, it is important for an announcer to be mature, such as not laughing or even giggling as they announce. Senior Josh Pasek knows the process well, as he auditioned twice before becoming one of this year’s announcer.

“It was my second year auditioning last year, and I had a better idea of what the teachers were looking for,” Pasek said.

While there are many reasons why a candidate may audition, from taking a step into public speaking or adding their own spice to the announcements. All identities are concealed during the audition process in order to keep favoritism of teachers out of the auditions. The only information given about a candidate is their number.

“They strictly go by their voice, and not by who they are,” Kuznicki said.

For more information on the announcements, contact Lynn Kuznicki at              

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