Introducing the Apple Watch

For the first time in Apple’s history, they have finally invented a smart watch. Not the iWatch, but rather, the Apple Watch. Trailing after Samsung, the Apple Watch is the first watch that Apple has announced.

Apple states that they want to make the most personal device they can. Apple has given the opportunity to fully customize the timepiece. According to Apple, the Apple Watch is an incredibly precise timepiece, keeping time within 50 milliseconds of the global standard.

Apple Watch also lets the wearer connect with his or her favorite people in fun, spontaneous ways like sending a tap, a sketch, or even the wearer’s heartbeat. Incoming messages are received by feeling a tap on the wearer’s wrist.

Apple also want to promote fitness. They have come up with a new user interface to see how the person is doing throughout the day based on fitness. The new user interface shows three rings of fitness: how much movement, exercise, and how the long the wearer has stood. Over time, Apple Watch learns the wearer’s activity each day and gives him or her goals to complete. Fitness goals can also be set.

Since Apple wanted to make a very personal device, they have made three different styles of watches to choose from. The three styles are Apple Watch, Watch Sport, and Watch Edition. There’s also many different colors and two sizes to choose from.

Freshman Nick Wray has a negative view on this new Apple product.

“I believe that it’s an unnecessary product,” Wray said. “I think that normal watches do the same thing that these watches can do. The Apple Watches serve the same purpose and it isn’t really innovative.”

The price ranges for the Apple Watch are as low as $350 to as high at $17,000. The most expensive watch is the Apple Watch Edition, as it has 18-karat gold. The cheapest watch is the Apple Watch Sport. Apple plans to release these watches on Apr. 24, 2015.

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