NHS members sell candygrams for Valentine’s Day

At the end of January, members of the DHS National Honors Society kept a DHS Valentine’s Day tradition alive by selling “candygrams” during both lunch hours to raise money for NHS. The candygrams included roses for $3 or carnations for $2. Candygram purchases included a note for whoever received it. They were delivered Thurs., Feb. 12. during students’ third hour classes.

“We haven’t sold nearly as many as in previous years,” senior Ellie Dean said. “Last year, we sold a ton; the envelope [of profits] was full. This year, the day I sold them, we sold maybe five.”

Dean also noted that although it was very close, a few more girls have purchased candygrams than guys.

By Lindsay Trahan

For more information on the National Honors Society program, click here.

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Lindsay Trahan

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