Don’t wait for spring break to hit the beach with a Valentine

Lake Michigan waves break on the icy beach in Frankfort, Michigan on a sunny winter morning.
Lake Michigan waves break on the icy beach in Frankfort, Michigan on a sunny winter morning.

Cold, long winters are a reality for people living in Michigan, and by mid-February, many Michiganders are ready for a break and a beach. Many DHS students are planning spring breaks to southern beaches with loved ones but spring break is still weeks away. It’s no fun to wait that long to take a Valentine for a romantic walk on the beach. With a long Valentine’s Day weekend ahead, there is plenty of time to get to a world-class beach right here in Michigan. In less than two and a half hours, there is ample time to make it to Frankfort, Ludington or Grand Haven where the Lake Michigan beaches are as beautiful as anything that can be seen in Florida.

A chilly Valentine will have to bundle up to walk a winter Michigan beach but it’s worth it. The ice sculptures and caves on the shore have been described as a frozen art gallery or spectacular lunar landscape. Catch them on a sunny day and they’ll dazzle more than any diamond. Students and teachers at DHS were impressed when they were shown pictures of Lake Michigan ice formations.

Junior Nick Steiner said that it was “beautiful” and “majestic.”

Teacher Suzanne Ostahowski described the ice formations as “something you’d see underwater,” or “strings and ropes of ice.”

Beach ice formations are worth seeing but it’s important to be safe near them. The Great Lakes Coast Guard says “ice can be unpredictable and dangerous” and “fluctuating weather conditions affect the ice’s stability.” It’s integral to stay on the beach and off the ice sculptures and out of the water.  Take warm winter coats, hats, gloves and boots and other provisions for the adventure. Make a day trip of it and grab some hot chocolate, munchies and valentine gifts at the local shops in Frankfort, Ludington or Grand Haven. Don’t wait for spring break to take a break from the daily routine and head for the beach.

By Sean Clark

Click here to view pictures of a frozen pier on Lake Michigan.

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