Let’s get fun-draising: Duct tape a teacher to the wall for Kids Against Hunger

Students pitch in to tape math teacher Jason Gehoski to the cafeteria wall during lunch.
Students pitch in to tape math teacher Jason Gehoski to the cafeteria wall during lunch. Photo by Mary Noble.
Terry Schwartzkopf assists in securing fellow math teacher Jason Gehoski to the wall. Photo by Mary Noble.


In an effort to raise money for Kids Against Hunger, students and teachers take revenge on four teachers by taping each of them to a wall. During both lunch hours in the DHS cafeteria on Wed., Feb. 11 and Thurs., Feb. 12, Student Leadership will be holding a Kids Against Hunger fundraiser. Pieces of duct tape will be on sale for $1.

“We actually saw a picture on the internet, I think on Pinterest, of it,” Student Leadership junior Stephanie Morley said.

From there the idea prospered.

“Well, we are a part of an additional fundraising group and so it’s not supposed to be all the fundraising for the Kids Against Hunger project, it’s just supposed to add,” junior Wyn Sponseller said. “I think it will benefit. Hopefully, if we get a lot of people to do it.”

Teacher finalists for the taping are: Math teacher Jason Gehoski, first lunch, Feb. 11; Science teacher Dave Hoerneman, second lunch, Feb. 11; Science teacher Coreen Daniels, first lunch, Feb. 12; and Science teacher Tom McNamara, second lunch, Feb. 12.

DHS is not a stranger to this foundation. The Student Leadership program has been supporting it a good portion of the year and they have many more charity activities to come.

By Maggie Duly

Click here for more information on Kids Against Hunger.

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