20-Time returns for another time


After the success of the 20-Time project last year, many new students are getting the opportunity to participate in the project this year.

“It’s a really cool concept; it’s supposed to make learning more of an enjoyment again, rather than an obligation,” junior Emma Johnson said.

Johnson is part of Sarah Hechlik’s IB World Literature class, which is participating in 20-Time to learn about different types of writing. Every week, students are required to blog about the progress they’ve made on their chosen topic.

“I’m doing my project on photography,” Johnson said. “I want to improve my photography skills and Photoshop as well. I’ve always wanted to learn how to be better at it and I never got the time. Now Mrs.Hechlik is giving us the whole hour on Friday to learn whatever we want.”

For Johnson, picking a topic was a process. She wanted something she would be dedicated to for the upcoming weeks, yet interesting enough that it didn’t seem like a task. Originally, Johnson opted for studying the flute during her 20-Time project.

“I realized that flute was something that I should do for my 20-Time project rather than something that I wanted to do,” Johnson said. “I already know how to play the flute anyways so my heart wasn’t in it.”

To see Emma’s blog for the 20-Time project, click here.

By Anna Mylvaganam


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