DHS Pompon gets unexpected results at the Breslin Center

This past Sunday, the DHS junior varsity and varsity pompon teams competed in the state competition at the Breslin Center in East Lansing and were not too happy with the results. Junior varsity competed in the junior varsity division and received fifth place out of the 10 total teams there were. Last year, the team received third place and this year they were expecting to do even better. Varsity competed in the highest, most competitive, division and received 11th out of 12 total teams.

“The score doesn’t reflect how we performed at all,” senior Hope Harnois said. “We went out there and gave it 110 percent. There’s nothing we could have done better.”

Pompon is judged in many different categories- showmanship, sharpness, etc. – all of which get averaged out among a panel of judges to get the final score.

“Our performance was the best it could have been,” senior Mary Claire Bassett said. “We made the necessary changes moving forward from regionals but the teams in our division were very competitive this year.”

Both the junior varsity and varsity teams are taking the loss as motivation to amp up their routines for next year and place where they are hoping to be.

To find out the results from all the teams that competed, click here:

By Kaitlyn Gee

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