Varsity Volleyball increases School Spirit

The varsity volleyball team has enjoyed many successes this year due to their hard work and excellent team dynamic. So far they’ve had an undefeated season, a remarkable feat for this year’s team. Their success has prompted many DHS students to support the team by attending their games. Compared to other years, students have been more involved this year with cheering on the volleyball team and going to away games. One particular student that has been really involved in supporting the volleyball players is senior Lydia Mayle.

“I have been playing with all the seniors since middle school,” Mayle said. “I know how hard they have worked ever since we were freshmen to have an undefeated season, which is why I think they deserve some support. I challenged 100 people to come to the Midland Dow game because I wanted people to be there. That game wasn’t about the talent, we had that going for us, it was all mental and they needed everyone’s support and it was worth every penny I spent on pizza to get people there.”

Players on the team believe that having a good student section affects how they play. Varsity volleyball player senior Keely McCaffrey considers that having a good amount of students show up to their games helps them play better.

“Having fans at our games really helps us because it feels good to know that people are cheering you on, especially when the school we’re playing has a good student section.” McCaffrey said. “It gives us more energy and more motivation do well.”

Regardless of how the season ends, the volleyball team has made DHS students very proud.



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