Kick as High as the Sky!

The DHS pompon teams are working toward their first competition this weekend at Saginaw Valley State University. Although the intensity is nowhere near regionals or states that take place later in the season, the High Kick and Hip Hop competition is the competition that allows teams from all over the state to scope out the teams they will be competing against for the more intense events.

“High Kick is one of my favorite parts about being on the Pom team,” senior Hope Harnois said. “It gives us the opportunity to do something different. High Kick allows us to incorporate theatrical aspects rather than just a typical Pom routine that we do as every other performance. It’s just nice to take a break from traditional Pom and be able to deliver a performance that nobody is expecting.”

Harnois is one of the three captains on the team and she has high expectations of her team this year going into their first competition.

“Being on varsity for one year already, it’s given me the opportunity to see how much more intensity there is just from going from JV to varsity, not including the intensity between the varsity teams,” junior Hannah Robison said. “Our varsity team last year was phenomenal but going into the completion this year, we feel very prepared and I can’t wait to see how we will place.”

To find the results of the competition and other information on regionals and states, visit:

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