Appreciating the Faces of Drama

There are many people involved in the DHS drama program that never really get recognized. One of the most influential people involved in the program is teacher Amy Bushey. Bushey has been a director of DHS drama productions for approximately 20 years. In the past she has had the assistance of Jeff Hayes, Molly Stewart, Gina Kearly and John Rilley. Recently, Stewart and Hayes got new jobs and Rilley moved to Utah, leaving Bushey working to keep the program alive.

In attempt to get more people involved in the program, a Drama Club has been created by the International Thespian Society.

“[The purpose] is to teach acting and technical skills as well as to assist with our current production,” Bushey said.

With students being educated on working backstage and helping the productions run properly, there is less stress on Bushey and her current assistant director and choreographer, Kearly. Kearly has been involved in the fall plays and spring musicals at DHS since 2012.

Lots of time and effort is put into the productions provided by DHS. However, it is difficult for these people involved to find their work being appreciated when they are adding new clubs and other efforts when they do not have the support and involvement from the students.

To support these amazing people and their efforts, go to the fall play “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” premiering Nov. 20 through Nov. 23.

To see other work done by DHS drama go to

Gina Kearly (left) hugs junior Sunny Kim (right) during a rehearsal for the spring musical Xanadu


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