MCFTA Resident Artist Offers Critiques

On Dec. 10, the Midland Center for the Arts in Midland is offering an opportunity for aspiring artists to share their work and have it critiqued by MCFTA artist-in-residence, Armin Mersmann.

Mersmann and his family immigrated from Remscheid, Germany when he was seven-years-old. He was a portrait artist for years, and now works at the MCFTA where he has creative license to draw his famous graphite drawings. All of his drawings are based on what he observes.

Sophomore Sara Kollig attended one of Mersmann’s portrait drawing classes the summer before her freshman year and was impressed with his style.

“I admired [Mersmann] because I had heard of and seen many of his works and love how crystal clear his style is,” Kollig said.

Sophomore Anna Sebaly also participated in the same class as Kollig.

“He was very honest, which I appreciated,” Sebaly said. “He wouldn’t tell you everything that was wrong. He’d let you come to that conclusion on your own which was very helpful.”

All of the work presented at the End of Year Critique will be created during a fall MCFTA art class, similar to the portrait class that Kollig and Sebaly took.

Everyone is welcome to go to listen to the critiques, whether or not they’re presenting any artwork. It will be held at the Saints and Sinners ounge in the Midland Center for the Arts, and admission will be free. Students intrigued by the art field are encouraged to go and participate in the discussions.

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