Student Government Strives for a “Super” Homecoming

While Homecoming may be considered just a school dances to many students, Student Government is working extremely hard behind the scenes to help deliver a memorable milestone for high schoolers.

“There is a theme to Homecoming which is a superhero theme, but to the dance there is no theme,” sophomore vice president John Apo said. “It’s just come with your best formal attire, and you’ll be able to have a great night with your hero.”

Each year the responsibility of planning Homecoming, from booking the DJ to decorating the gym, lies on the shoulders of sophomores. With the many complaints from last year, sophomores tried to create new and innovative decorations to enhance the theme of the dance.

“We’re going to put up black paper, and then we’re going to use a lot of glow sticks, like maybe glow sticks inside balloons, and putting glow sticks inside water bottles because it makes them look brighter,” sophomore president Annalise Wohlford said. “Maybe do something with glow sticks as centerpieces. We’re  still working it out because it’s a work in progress. We have to figure out how much things cost.”

Cost has become a concern for the sophomores. With their lack of a treasurer and deficit from the $400 DJ, they are counting on Homecoming ticket sales to start rolling in if they have any hopes of a pancake breakfast their senior year.

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