Employment – How DHS Students can Secure their Jobs

As the students in the senior class of 2015 begin their college experience, businesses are scrambling to find new potential employees. As a result, fall is the prime time for sophomores and juniors to snatch their first jobs. Keeping a few simple guidelines in mind will help with securing a job and keeping it.

1. Be presentable – appearance is key.

“Managers will make up their minds in the first 60 seconds for whether or not they will hire a person based on physical appearance,” Andrew Welch, a manager at The Creek Grill said.

Welch advises job-seekers to dress nicely every time the workplace in question is involved. This includes picking up the application, during the interview, and even after being hired.

“The first physical impression [matters because] the managers get to see a representation of how they carry themselves out of work,” Welch said. “Looking professional is key; that means that they have dedicated their time to signify they mean business.”

2. Have team work skills, good time management, and be friendly.

These qualities were stressed by Welch, as they are necessary in jobs most common for high school students. Most jobs available to minors are centered around hospitality, so being friendly to both guests and co-workers is a must.

“When [an employee] blows off a problem, it’s not just letting themselves down, but it’s letting the whole team down,” Welch said.

As every position in a business is central to it thriving, having poor time management skills or consistently not showing up would affect the whole team. Time management is also crucial in everyday life even outside of high school, so developing the skill now is always better than later.

3. Make the effort.

Welch explained that one of the reasons he would fire an employee is if they did not make the effort to become a better employee. He emphasized that everyone is allowed to make mistakes, but not even attempting to fix the problem is when it comes to the point of termination.

“[Employees] must have that drive, that motivation, to better [oneself],” Welch said. “If someone continues to do the wrong thing over and over again instead of showing me that he or she is trying to improve, there’s a problem. I’m not asking for something to be done overnight, but I am looking for my employees to show that they care.”

Local job listings can be found here: http://www.indeed.com/l-Midland,-MI-jobs.html

By Cindy Tae

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