Key Club Selling Yuda Bands

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DHS Key Club not only contributes services within the Midland community, but has expanded their volunteering to helping to improve the lives of two children in third-world countries. The children, both from Guatemala, are getting the financial aid they need in order to attend school by Key Club members selling handmade leather bracelets called YUDA bands.

Today is the last day to purchase YUDA bands during first or second lunch.

“I feel that people should not only buy them because each one is completely unique from the others, but that they should support the cause for education,” Key Club Vice President junior Minhyo Kang said. “I believe that a lot of students in America take our education for granted while in countries such as Guatemala, education is but a dream for them. We want to help make that dream a reality and people can help us achieve this goal by purchasing a band.”

The bands are $7. They not only offer many benefits and could be used as gifts for teammates, friends, or parents, but they are inexpensive and provide the opportunity to give for a good cause. For more information about YUDA bands, go to

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