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“When I discovered YouTube I didn’t work for five days,” Michael Scott on NBC’s The Office said.

Since the humble beginning of YouTube in 2005, it has been the home to a vast array of user uploaded videos ranging from documentaries about the coal mining to videos about guys yelling at cats. YouTube is especially popular among America’s youth today because it is very user friendly, in the sense that it is very simple to upload and view videos from all around the world. With the rapidly developing technology industry, YouTube has become more accessible which increases its popularity. Many DHS students are probably struggling with the very real and coming-of-age question: What YouTube videos should I watch and where can I get a credible review? Look no further! Here are the much awaited reviews and rankings of some of the finest videos on YouTube:

1. “All Hockey Hair Team 2013”

There is no question that the Minnesota high school all hockey hair team gets the top spot in this ranking. When quality commentary and sensational hair combine, the result is a spectacle so great that it is almost too much to handle. This video covers the hockey players with top tier hair from all over Minnesota in their annual state tournament. Two all hockey hair videos preceded the 2013 edition however there is no question that this one takes the cake. When it seems that hair can’t possibly get better, it does. Hairstyles in this video include moist mullets, feathered flow and as some would call it, peroxide perfection. For those interested in either ice hockey or hair, this video simply cannot go unwatched.


Coppercab, as he is known on YouTube earned his video a spot on this list not only for quality filmmaking but also for his courage to stand up for his red hair. This video was made shortly after the television show South Park aired an episode in which people with red hair or “gingers” were considered to not have souls. The central idea of his video sprouts from the color of his hair, and after one view it is easy to tell that in addition to his ginger mane, his vocabulary is also rather colorful. This video was an instant YouTube classic and represents popular culture. This video is worth a view even for those without red hair.

3.“Squirrel Tag”

Squirrel tagging is not a sport for the weak, it requires speed, agility and a large amount of free time. This video covers three men dedicated to the sport that is playing tag with squirrels.

“Squirrel Tag is a timeless classic that will forever live on in the hearts of all Americans,” Senior Andrew Brookens said. “The juxtaposition of human nature vs. squirrel nature is deeply captivating and we can all learn from this video.”

This is a comical video that is always worth a watch.

4. “Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama”

This video is almost too funny to believe that it isn’t scripted. A local news station sets up shop in an impoverished neighborhood of Mobile, Ala. where local residents claimed to have seen a mythical leprechaun hiding amongst the trees. The interviews with the locals make the video special. Some blame crack heads for the phenomenon while others attempt to catch it by playing an old flute. The video even includes an amateur sketch of the leprechaun that looks like it was drawn by a second grader. This video will make viewers value their intelligence dearly.

5. “The Ultimate Lax Bro

Brantford Winstonworth may not have invented lacrosse however his video has helped create a culture of “lax bros” which now has a huge following. He explains in his video that lacrosse is much more than stick skills and athleticism. Good hair, lettuce as he calls it, is extremely important especially at the club level.

“Brantford is a legend,” DHS alumni Keenan Hammer said.

For those looking for a day in the life a true student athlete, this is the video to watch.


Honorable Mention:


“Key & Peele Das Negros”

“Some guy yells at some cats”


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