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The next time a teacher asks “Why did you choose this class?” rather than saying “I didn’t” students should know all the classes that are available to them. With over 80 elective classes in a vast array of areas, choosing the right one can be daunting and students struggle with where to begin.

Let’s start with those who want to express a bit of their creative side.
Beginning Art allows students to experience basic techniques in two- and three-dimensional art.

Intermediate Art takes the student further with projects in drawing, painting, sculpture, pottery, jewelry.

Advanced 2-D Composition and Advanced 3-D Design emphasizes portfolio development and review for art school placement while working in a variety of media.

Comm. Art and Print Tech explores hands-on and software-based design while collaborating with community professionals.

Within a theme, IB Viz Art allows students to explore media and ideas in depth through well-researched and meaningful art.

Maybe you are more of a computer person.

CAD 1 & 2 provides students with 2-D and 3-D computer aided design and drafting skills. Students also use 3-D CAD modeling applications to construct solid models.

Computer Tech 1 develops skills in word processing, spreadsheet, database, slide presentations, photo editing and Internet research ethics. Computer Tech 2 includes advanced projects with emphasis on Internet research, desktop publishing, web page creation, video and picture editing, and a design portfolio.

Web Design and Adv. Web Design will engage students in web site creation, design, posting and marketing. Advanced concepts include animation and embedded media.

Using problem solving approaches Computer Programming 1 students learn to develop programs and ends with creating a computer game with a team. Computer Programming 2 further develops programming with the final project involving robotics.

AP Computer Science includes advanced topics in object-oriented programming, data structures, and algorithms.

How about someone with an ambition to lead and conquer the business world?

With emphasis on critical thinking, collaboration, communication, reflection, and creativity, Student Leadership allows students to explore and develop skills through theory, practice, and application.

Before going out on your own, Marketing examines everything you need to know as an entrepreneur-in-training. You will create, market, and sell your ideas for a profit to be donated to a charity.

After researching the market, Merchandising Operations 2 & 3 students become entrepreneurs and create business plans for a business of their choice.

Following up Merchandising, Sales Management 2 & 3 explores buyer behavior, product information, customer relations, and management of sales staff.

Students who elect IB Business Management will learn the dynamic nature of business and organizations throughout the world.

Manual and computerized procedures are taught in Accounting 1 & 2. While Accelerated Accounting 1 includes additional emphasis on the financial relationships of global business and ethical considerations related to accounting and finance.

Advanced Business 1 uses a blended online learning experience to help prepare students for employment and education beyond high school while they complete an in-depth study of international business. Advanced Business 2 furthers the experience with advanced applications of Microsoft Office and certification preparation.

Or maybe you want use that artistic side to capture and share stories visually as well as through written word.

Journalism prepares students for future involvement on the staff of the school newspaper and yearbook. The class offers experiences including story-telling through words and images, design, and legal issues with student publications. Students also create projects for online publications such as podcasts, blogs, video stories and photo slide shows.

In Advanced Journalism students are responsible for the publishing of the printed and online school newspaper. Students are involved directly in newspaper production from interviewing and writing to photography and layout/design.

Yearbook staffers are responsible for designing, executing, and delivering the yearbook. Students learn skills in organization, writing, proofreading, photography, design, sales, and technology.

Vid Comm offers students experience in researching, writing, and producing actual television programs for the local community.

Film Study is the only “Ideas” course in which film provides the main source of the content. Students learn about film making from a technical, genre, and historical perspective.

Writing Workshop introduces the student to the creative genres: drama, short story, poetry, and essay.

Advanced Comp offers students the opportunity to apply the principles of logic, organization, style, persuasion, criticism, and research to various kinds of writing.

Perhaps you are the person who always wants the last word or desires to express yourself and your opinions.

Debate and Discussion students study academic debate principles while researching the interscholastic debate topic for the year. Debate presentations and discussions allow students to practice a variety of problem-solving group-discussion techniques.

Public Speaking prepares students on the delivery of a variety of informative and persuasive presentations for live audiences.

Drama 1 students study acting, technical and management elements of plays. Drama 2 is designed for the student who is interested in further acting experiences, while Drama Productions students work with the production side. Students receive hands-on experience in play production by designing and performing children’s theatre productions.

For those musically inclined, DHS offers a variety of elective class options.

Chorus provides any student an opportunity to develop their music reading and singing skills.

Concert Choir and Accelerated Concert Choir is an advanced choir where a wide variety of music is studied and performed.

Concert Band serves as the training course for membership in Symphonic Band. In the fall, members of Concert Band participate as a part of the marching band. The remainder of the year covers appropriate band literature with performance opportunities.

Advanced brass, woodwind, and percussion students may audition for Symphonic Band and Accelerated Symphonic Band. Through numerous concerts, festivals, trips, and athletic performances, the Symphonic Band program offers its members a varied music experience.

Concert Orchestra serves as the training course for membership in Symphony Orchestra where emphasis is placed on developing individual and ensemble skills.

String players may audition for Symphony Orchestra and Accelerated Symphony Orchestra. This musical ensemble performs a variety of music at concerts, school programs, and festivals.

IB Music places significant emphasis on music theory, music literature, and in-depth discussion and analysis of varying styles, cultures and periods.

What about an interest in people and why they do and say the things they do?

Psych and IB/AP Psych is designed to study the background and methods of research to determine factors affecting human behavior.

Sociology studies the forms and function of group life and the effects social groups have on human behavior.

What about learning how to take care of yourself as well as others?

Designing for Career and Family provides an introduction to the importance of family relationships and how to handle the responsibilities of a family, a career and community involvement. Students will also learn interior design principles.

Food and Nutrition 1 is a basic course in which students assess personal lifestyle choices as they relate to wellness. Food and Nutrition 2 is an extension of the basic course with lab experiences that emphasize food science principles and safe food handling practices.

Child Development covers topics such as: parenting skills, birth defects, prenatal development, nutrition, and health and safety. Child Development Professional gives focus to the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development of children ages 1-8.

Personal Living is designed for students to gain skills in decision making and examining the responsibilities of living on your own.

Health Care Tech 1 is for anyone interested in pursuing a career in health care. Students will be involved in job shadowing and volunteer experiences at area medical facilities.

Car Care provides students with basic knowledge of automobile care and maintenance, as well as critical elements of safety when working in automobiles. This course includes time in the auto lab working with vehicles.

Auto Tech 1 takes a look at engine performance and brakes whereas Auto Tech 2 concentrates on electrical/electronic systems and suspension & steering.

Conditioning and Weight Training is for students who want to improve their aerobic and anaerobic fitness level with an emphasis on running and resistance training.

While Team Sports is designed for students who want to improve their fitness level through an emphasis on team sport activities, Varsity sports is a course designed specifically for athletes who want to improve their overall athleticism in a particular sport.

Maybe you are the deep thinker, the one who examines things on global level.

Theory of Knowledge encourages students to reflect on different knowledge claims and ways of knowing.

20th Century World Topics investigates the global perspectives of key events of the 20th century.

AP World History covers the world’s history from prehistoric times to the present.

After hearing over 60 elective options offered at DHS hopefully you found a course that fits your interests. But, if you are still on the fence, additional course offerings available off campus include:

Chemical Processing Technology
Introduction to Trades
Building Trades
Advanced Building Trades
Woodworking 1 & 2
Hobby and Art Welding
Welding Technology 1, 2 & 3
Hospitality Management
Health Care Technology 2
Health Care Technology Co-op
And finally courses through the Bay Arenac Career Center

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