Life of a twin

Being a twin at DHS is largely overrated. Many people ask me what being a twin is like and they’re shocked when I tell them it sucks. I don’t understand why they would ask me if they just wanted to hear that it’s great but that’s not going to change. It has to be understood that your twin meddles in every part of your life trying to make things as hard as possible. This is especially true when talking about fraternal twins. Being one myself, I can say that my sister is outright annoying. We hang out with the same friends but she constantly complains about how I can’t be friends with her friends, but somehow she can be friends with my friends. This is strange considering both of us have the same friends. This problem has simply gotten worse over the years. I don’t have any interest in meddling in her life so I’m not sure why she’s so obsessed with mine. Sometimes I like to get full of myself and believe that she is jealous of my “swagtastic” life but other times I realize I can’t even stay off of my phone for 15 minutes to do my homework sometimes.

Of course there’s the bragging right of being only 3 percent of the population by being a twin but I’d have to say that’s just about the best part of being a twin. Sharing a birthday probably has to be one of the worst parts. Every year I’m faced with my sister being in my face about how more people wished her a happy birthday than me. Call me antisocial, but I really don’t care about interaction with others so obviously less people would wish me a happy birthday because less people know me like that. Senior Heather Macko, who is also a twin, agrees with this view.

“Being a twin, is unique, but I’ve always wished I wouldn’t have to share a birthday,” Macko said.

It’s really a matter of how much patience you have as a twin. Unfortunately, my sister has a twin brother that really doesn’t like to put up with the bickering and competition associated with being a twin. It’s all about what life comes down to. If everybody looked further in and realized that being a twin isn’t as glamour as the statistics make it seem, I would probably be able to save a lot of my breath explaining myself.

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