FIFA World Cup looks to wow the crowd again

As soon as school closes for the summer, DHS students will spread out across the country and even the world on vacation. This summer however, there is one place in particular that stands out as the number one vacation destination in the world. With the upcoming FIFA World Cup soccer tournament due to take place in Brazil, there is no doubt that the soccer-crazed country will attract tourists from all over the globe.

Known for its prestigious soccer team, Brazil carries a heavy responsibility this summer. The expectations have been set very high for the World Cup hosts. Brazil is simply the perfect location for thousands of soccer fans to share their enthusiasm for the beautiful game.

Senior Felipe Haddad, a DHS student and Brazilian native shares the same excitement for the upcoming world cup hosted in his home country.

“I am excited to see the world cup played in Brazil this year,” Haddad said. “There is no place in the world better to play soccer than in Brazil.”

The World Cup has consistently been the most watched sporting event in the years it has been played, but it also brings all kinds of people together. The atmosphere of a game played in the World Cup is unlike any other. With all 32 qualifying counties flying their flags and singing their anthems, this melting pot of cultures and people of varying backgrounds goes unmatched.

“I am very proud that Mexico will be in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil,” junior Arturo Cuellar said. “I believe they will make it out of the group stage, which makes me excited.”

Cuellar’s support of his home country can be matched by other DHS students this summer, as the U.S. national team has qualified as well. However, after being placed in a group with Portugal, Germany and Ghana, they are clearly an underdog; but what’s the point of a sporting event without a Cinderella story? There is no doubt that thousands of Americans will be in attendance in Manuas, where the team’s opening game will be played.

According to NBC Sports Network, the most ticket requests and sales from outside of Brazil are coming from the United States. This is yet another reason for Americans to enjoy the Brazilian sunshine and watch soccer with thousands of other fans.

Although spending a month to enjoy the World Cup in Brazil sounds like a perfect vacation to many Americans, most people are unable to buy tickets for the games or even the flight to South America. However, for these fans it is not impossible to still enjoy the atmosphere of the world cup. With every game being broadcast in the United States, even Midland residents will feel the excitement of the stars and stripes being represented in Brazil.

“I’m super pumped to watch all the games,” senior Mark Debney said. “I hope to get a lot of people involved in a bracket and join up with some of the USA fans and cheer on the yanks.”

Competitions and bracket predictions are not unpopular amongst soccer fans. Analysis of the 32 qualifying teams has been going on for months while every team starts to prepare for their trips to Brazil.

In the future, U.S. fans may not need to travel farther than their doorstep to be a part of the World Cup atmosphere. After being a serious contender to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the United States made it clear that they are very capable of one day hosting the great sporting event. Having plenty of capable stadiums and previous hosting experience in 1994, the United States may even see the other 31 teams flying in from across the globe to play the sport on American soil.

“I would be extremely excited if the World Cup was hosted in the U.S.,” Debney said. “I would attempt to go to the games and it would show the growth of the game in the United States.”

Even though the FIFA World Cup could be difficult to attend this summer, many students and fans at DHS are anticipating a great month of soccer. The mixing of 32 different cultures and people all at once in a positive environment is what truly makes Brazil the number one fantasy vacation destination this summer.

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