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DHS English teacher Andrew Frye has become the new National Honors Society (NHS) adviser at DHS for the 2013-2014 school year. Frye is replacing Mary Fredell, who acted as adviser for five years. Pam Kastl, principal of DHS, came to Frye last year asking if he would be interested in replacing Fredell for the proceeding school year.

Fredell is stepping down, but not out of the picture. She will be helping Frye with his transition to NHS adviser for this first year.

Multiple students at DHS agreed that Frye would make a good adviser for their club and are excited for the year ahead of them.

“Last year I had him in English class and he was a really good teacher,” junior Matt Flanagan said. “I think he can bring that to NHS and help it out. I think he will be a good fit for NHS because he can help out the kids a lot and help them learn, [which is] the purpose of NHS.”

Fredell stepped in originally to help with NHS and soon became the adviser. The reason Fredell is stepping down is because her home life has become busy and she has responsibilities for her grandchildren. Frye was the first person that came to Fredell’s mind for the position. She believed Frye would be a good replacement because he expects excellence of his own students.

“Anybody can volunteer, anybody can be a scholar, but we’re trying to put those things together and expect exceptionally great things from kids,” Fredell said.

Although Frye will be replacing Fredell, that doesn’t mean she won’t be missed. Fredell has built a connection with NHS students over her five year run as adviser. To many of these students, Fredell is all they know when it comes to an adviser for NHS. Sometimes, though, change can be a good thing.  President of NHS, senior Abby Drumright, agrees with the decision for Frye to become adviser, but will also miss Fredell due to previously working with her at NHS. Drumright has also previously had Frye as a teacher, so she agrees that he will in fact be a good fit for NHS.

“Of course we’re going to miss her, but change is necessary and she has a lot on her plate, so we’re happy to have Mr. Frye,” Drumright said.

“I actually had him (Frye) my sophomore year and I really did enjoy him as a teacher,” Drumwright said.

The purpose of NHS is to volunteer and help the community. Frye’s new job entitles him to watch over the whole project and to point the club in a certain direction. The adviser also tends to find volunteering opportunities throughout Midland. Also, Frye will make sure all members are studious and show honesty in their school work. Irresponsible behaviors, such as cheating, are not tolerated by NHS.

“He’ll make it work the best way that it will work for him like I did,” Fredell said.

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