A shoutout to the student section

As a varsity football player, I think I can speak for the team when I say that one of the best feelings is running out on to our home field from the locker room and seeing all of our friends and classmates in the student section there specifically to watch us play.

Looking up into the stands during the Bay City Western game it was just great to see a dense mass of our peers sitting in the lower right section of the home stands while the band section was vacated and all their parents gone with it. Really the reason I’m writing this is just to thank the people that sit through the rainy games and the cold games to support their football team. I love seeing senior Cole Lacey wrapped up in a blanket just waiting for us to score our next touchdown so he can run down the track one more time waving our flag without a shirt on.

I love seeing the seniors who are the first to show up to get a prime spot on the senior wall and the last one to leave after they have charged the field after a win. I really admire those freshmen who stand up at the very top and don’t walk around during the games and all the sophomores and juniors in-between. Not to mention those who road trip with us to away games in places like Saginaw.

There’s no better color combination I’d rather see than camouflage clothes and orange hats filling the stands and vuvuzelas honking the whole game. I just thought that a mid-season thanks was in store for all those who come to support DHS and the great sport of football. Hit, Pride, Win!

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Mason Hayes

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