Ben’s the new Batman

If you’re a superhero junkie and love Batman as much as I do, you probably already know what I’m about to talk about. It’s official; our beloved, gruff-voiced and all-around awesome Christian Bale has given up his cape and cowl in the upcoming 2015 film, “Batman vs. Superman.”

Don’t worry though, because our Dark Knight has not disappeared, but has instead taken a new shape: Ben Affleck. Before you start to throw a fit and get mad at Christian Bale for giving up the role, take a minute and understand that the movie “Batman vs. Superman” is canon to the Superman story-line, not the Batman story-line. The film is actually considered a sequel to the 2013 “Man of Steel” featuring Henry Cavill.

Many people were initially outraged when Ben Affleck was announced as our new Defender of Gotham, including myself, but after some consideration, maybe Ben Affleck was actually a very smart choice. Think about this for a minute: assume the events in Batman vs. Superman take place several years after the events of 2012’s, “The Dark Knight Rises,” featuring an aging and worn Bruce Wayne. Graying hair and fatigued, Batman had to reestablish his role as a hero and not a reclusive and timid Bruce Wayne. It’s easy to estimate then that Batman will be in his late 30’s or early 40’s in the upcoming film. Ben Affleck, born in 1971, is 41 years old, where Christian Bale is only 39, making Affleck a better fit for an older and grayer Batman.

Let’s not forget Ben Affleck’s lead role as Matt Murdock in the 2003 film, “Daredevil,” the story of a crime fighting vigilante, blinded by toxic waste and whose remaining senses are heightened exponentially. This film featured less gadgets and plenty of high octane martial arts, which hopefully we’ll see plenty more of, especially during the more action-packed fighting scenes between Batman and Superman.

I have such high expectations for the upcoming film as should everyone else as well. This is the epitome of superhero fights. The Batman versus Superman story-line is incredibly controversial between comic nerds and superhero junkies. Forums are already overrunning with rumors and speculation. If Superman wins, Batfans will lose their minds and if Batman wins, Superfans will be stunned.

Let’s be real though; Batman is obviously superior, armed to the teeth with extreme gadgets, vehicles and not to mention the seemingly endless abundance of money. Sure, Batman is human and therefore significantly weaker to Superman, but The Dark Knight is far more vicious and quick to end fights by any means necessary. It would not be surprising for Batman to buy tons of kryptonite and easily finish off Superman, but that’s just speculation.

Also, in the off chance that you watch superhero news as closely as I do, you have probably heard about Justin Bieber being cast as the new Robin. Let me be the bearer of some good news and say that this is only a hoax and Bieber himself has confirmed that the picture of the Robin script was a fake.

It’s going to be a long two years before we finally see the battle between the two biggest names in the DC universe. Ben Affleck better be ready to go above and beyond the expectations of the Batman fan base.

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