Magazine drive kicks off, sets goal to raise $65,000

With funding for school-affiliated clubs and activities down from past years, DHS is always looking for ways to bring in money. The annual magazine drive, which started for the 2013/2014 school year on Monday, Sept. 16, is the school’s way for all students to come together and fund raise.

“It’s important that people participate in the magazine drive because everything they raise comes directly back to them,” Student Leadership president, senior Michael Carey said. “Essentially all of the money raised keeps clubs and activities that students like participating in up and running.”

Student Union is also providing individual incentives, class incentives and special prizes for the top ten sellers.

Individually selling five subscriptions earns students a “Charger Buck” each day for the rest of the drive. Each “Charger Buck” is worth one dollar at the Charger Shoppe. DHS yearbooks will be given to students who sell 15 or more subscriptions. If there is 100% participation in a class, with every student selling at least three subscriptions, the class will receive donuts and the top three per capita selling classrooms win pizza on the day of their choice.

The top ten sellers are eligible to win a variety of prizes. These include a class ring, gift cards, Cedar Point day passes, spirit wear, a parking pass and more.

The school goal of raising $65,000 may seem high to some, but Student Union emphasizes the importance that DHS students understand what they would miss without this fundraising.

“If we reach our school-wide goal this year then we will have enough money to buy everything we need,” Carey said. “If the money is not raised, Dow High won’t be able to spend as much on things students like.”

All clubs receive a portion of the sales made by their members. Decorating supplies such as paint, paper, and tape for Homecoming and DHS/MHS Week banners, assembly giveaways, the Homecoming bonfire and some scholarships are all funded by the magazine drive.

Every magazine subscription sold earns DHS more money. Students like Carey believe if a sufficient amount of people get involved, then the goal of $65,000 can be met. They think through the participation in the magazine drive students have the opportunity to greatly increase the amount of money that goes to help their own clubs and activities.


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