Seniors leave DHS


On May 31, seniors left their school day at DHS for the last time. They finished off the year and prepared themselves for their last summer as high school students and their first fall in college.

Without the seniors at school, many think the hallways are empty and lonesome. Others find the space satisfying.

“It’s easier for me to get around and through the hallways, and now I’m not late to German class which is nice,” Junior Cole Lacey said.

Along with more space in the hallways, parking lot spaces are abundant and free.

“I get here like 10 minutes later now and there are still spaces in the first two rows,” Lacey said. “It’s great.”

Classes that contain a mix of grades are also having trouble finding things to do. Some classes, without the seniors, have as little as five or six students in them.
Sophomore Fritz Hyde is in a Pre-Calculus class that now contains six students.

“It’s really cool because all we do is talk and work on our exam review,” Hyde said. “We don’t have to learn anything new or pay attention.”

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