Sledding and sleeping on snow days

Snow days mean many different things to different people. For some it means catching up on sleep or having a stress free relaxing day, for others it means getting outside shoveling the driveway or participating in other snow-based activities. The recent snow days provided the perfect opportunity for students to do these things and much more.

For some students the snow days allowed them to get outside and have some fun in the snow because in the past two years Michigan has not received the usual amount of snow that residents have come to expect which means there are less opportunities to play in the snow. It’s also the perfect way to spend a snow day because students often don’t have the time to frolic around in the snow and make snow angels, a snow man, or have a snow ball fight because of school, homework, and other extra-curricular activities.

“I enjoyed going outside yesterday because it was a great chance to take advantage of the weather and it’s not a bad way to kill some time,” junior Austin Deiters said.

However, other students looked at the snow day as a chance to relax and do whatever pleased them.   Some students used the snow day as a perfect chance to catch up on sleep because many students are sleep deprived. The reason is that most students are up the night before finishing their homework and then they have to wake up early the next morning and schlep to school at 7:00 in the morning. Others relaxed by watching television, movies, or playing video games because they have mental fatigue due to the stresses of high school.

“Yesterday I slept in for an extra two and half hours and then I watched some television and just had a relaxing me day because I rarely get the opportunity to have one,” junior Molly Hancock said.

A few students spent their snow day making money. Students need to earn some extra money because many don’t have a job due to the difficulty of being a working student. This is why students took advantage of the snow by getting up at the crack of dawn and going door to door asking neighbors if they needed their driveways shoveled. This way they can make a little extra money while at the same time not having to actually hold down an actual job.

“I see snow days as an opportunity to make some money because I could really use some extra cash to puts towards my gas tank,” junior Kevin Scott said.

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