What should and should not be worn in public

People change the way they dress throughout the seasons. This is pertinent living in the Midwest as the people, particularly from Michigan, endure all the seasons in their extremity. The summers are scorching, the winters are bone-chilling and the springs and falls are both dreary and wet with a few nice days interspersed.

An individual must dress, of course, to match the season’s bringing. In the summer, lighter, easier clothes are more often seen and in the winter, layers are like potato chips, a person can’t have just one.

With these expectations to what a person should wear come limitations abused often. Females think, just because it’s so hot out, they can wear shorts that are tight, tiny and overly revealing.

“If you can’t bend over, and have to do the awkward squat then you probably shouldn’t wear anything that short,” senior Emma Trager said.

Males, on the other hand, also abuse the heat of summer and think they may wear, or not wear, whatever they want. Walking to any place with no shirt on should be a limitation. Just because the temperature and humidity are high, does not give them the right to strip down.

On the other side of the gender spectrum, if a lady’s shirt is just barely covering her bra, what’s the point of even wearing it? Have some class and put some clothes on.

In the winter, there are also rules to abide by. For example, it may be cold outside and the mornings may be dark and dreary but it’s no excuse for a person to wear their pajamas out of the house. Unless they’re looking to be seen as a slob, pajamas should be worn to no more places than midnight premieres, school-oriented pajama days and Wal-Mart.

Aside from the seasons, there are also general rules to follow year round.

“When it gets lower than 50 degrees outside, no flip flops,” Trager said. “When it’s above 50 degrees, don’t wear UGGs,”

Another example, men who see themselves as ‘gangsters’ or have cool ‘street cred’, that’s great and all but please, elevate the trousers to at least the hips.  Unless a person’s intentions are to waddle around like a penguin, the crotch of a pair of pants should at least be near their designated location.

Ladies, if a woman finds herself well endowed, for the goodness of mankind and other not as well-endowed women, cover them up promptly.

On the contrary, if a man is gifted with an extremely hairy chest, they should not be sporting deep V-necks. People do not wish to see that on a regular basis, so don’t be ready to show it to everyone.

Another rule for women is unless a female is attending a red carpet event, six inch and beyond heels should not be worn to school. The scary height of the stiletto may be enough to convince a person to stay away, however, the use of the heel as a weapon is also very plausible. Keep the sky-high shoes at home.

Another general rule, for males, the technique of wearing socks and sandals together is not hot, and will never be hot.

School is for education, not the runway. Dressing appropriately is important to set the right image and standard.

 “If you have to ask me whether you should wear it, then you should probably not,” journalism teacher Cammie Hall said.

It’s always important to remember what season it is and dress accordingly. Although some say that the way a person looks is not important, a statement which is for the most part true, it is still important to pursue a good image, that which does not come by disobeying all the rules.

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