Suh doesn’t sit well in NFL

Ndamukong Suh is and has always been a dominate force on the defensive line. But ever since entering the NFL and becoming a cornerstone for the Detroit Lions, Ndamukong Suh has acquired the reputation for being dirty. Between his extremely aggressive play and sometimes questionable decision making, Suh has put himself in the cross hairs of the NFL. He has been mostly unremorseful in his actions which does not sit well with the league and fans and Suh couldn’t care less.

I feel as if Suh has collected the title of scapegoat for the league. He has done some bad, like stomping on the arm of a Green Bay Packer offensive lineman, but now stuff occurs like, kicking quarterback Matt Schuab in-between the legs where the sun don’t shine or pushing quarterback Jay Cutler during a play. Then people consider it dirty.

“[He is] as dirty as he needs to be, it’s a dirty sport,” senior Alan Corbeille said.

Some big defensive players on the 2012 DHS football team feel the same way. First team All Saginaw Valley lineman and senior Donny Doughty was a huge part of the Charger’s football team and he himself proved to be an aggressive wrecking force. Corbeille split time at outside linebacker and defensive line and was first team All Saginaw Valley. Doughty and Corbeille agree that football is an aggressive sport and the way that Suh plays is totally fitting for the situation. Corbeille had a little bit of Suh in himself as he was all over the field all season making plays so it’s not surprising how he feels about Suh.

“I love him,” Corbeille said.   

Suh represents the way the game used to be played and how the game should be played. He goes 100 percent and is willing to do anything to win. Yes, he does get caught up in the action sometimes but who doesn’t, especially when players are so passionate about a violent sport. That is the part people forget: football is a violent sport and the people at the top of the NFL and the players union are ruining football by making it less physical.

“It’s good to have some safety rules but they go over the line,” Doughty said.

It’s disgusting how rules favor the “skill players” such as the wide receivers and quarterbacks who are usually the players that fans come to see and it’s those players who sell the most jerseys so it is hard for me to believe that these rule changes aren’t just for money.

“It takes the whole point of the game away,” Corbeille said.

The game seems as if it is getting softer and softer every game but maybe Suh’s hard nose playing type can help save the league. I don’t see a future in which Suh changes to fit the NFL’s money oriented mindset, so maybe the league will have to change to fit Suh.

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