Dominating the snowhill

One or two? This decision is made soley on how people’s feet are attached. They are either attached seperate, on skies or together, on a snowboard. Snowboarding and skiing are sports that take place on the same hill, although the equipment is completely different in how it is made and utilized. 

Skiing requires two separate skiis which are made up of fiber glass, wood and pemtex which then intern attach to the feet with bindings and a hard, stiff boot. Skiers also carry two carbon fiber rods in their hands, called poles, as they proceed downhill. Another way skiing is different from boarding is that skiers move their feet side to side, like left to right to make S’s downward on the hill.

On the other hand snowboards are not separate pieces; a snowboard is just one piece of fiber glass, wood and pemtex. Though, like skies they also have bindings and boots, the boots snowboarders use are more comfortable like tennis shoes unlike the ski boots which are very uncomfortable. Snowboarding requires no poles and is a movement from which they use their heels to their toes, different from ski’s which are side to side. Depending on how a snowboarder rides, boarders can either put their right foot forward or their left. Most boarders put their dominant foot in the back. But some boarders do the opposite and put their dominant foot in the front and then they are considered being “Goofy-footed.”  

Whether it’s skiing or snowboarding, both as do-able as the other however, whichever way beginners decide to go snowboard or ski, either one will definitely give them a reputation.

A lot of snowboarders are very cocky, then again most can be because they can and do sweet tricks that are pretty dangerous!

 By doing these they then start to brag about it. Skiers get mad at this because they get the impression boarders are full of themselves, when that is not the case at all. The boarders are just really happy and proud of themselves so they have to tell someone about their accomplishments.

“Just saying skiing’s pretty easy,” junior Ryan St. Louis said.

Truth is skiing is not easier than snowboarding whatsoever. They are both equally hard. The main reason so many people believe this, all goes back to how people were raised when they were little. If a person was or is a skateboarder or wake boarder they most likely would think that snowboarding is easier to learn. But let’s be honest, a lot more people grow up ice skating or roller blading, even walking is naturally more relatable to skiing over snowboarding.  Thus, more people think skiing is easier than snowboarding which is not true, it’s just more natural.

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