How to find a part-time job

Gasoline, food, clothes. What do these things have in common? Well, they all cost money. Money can be hard to come by these days, unless it’s someone who has those parents who buy them anything they want and never ask to be paid back. If a teenager isn’t blessed with this special kind of parent, then how will they be able to drive around, eat lunch and buy themselves some new slacks?  Simply, they must get a job. This just sounds so very simple, doesn’t it? Getting a job is not easy, not at all. Let’s use the hypothetical story of a student called him Jim to learn how to get a job.

Jim can start out by asking his parents to find him a job, but this won’t always yeild results. Then Jim can use social networking sites to complain about how much he needs a job. Jim might think that someone will see this complaint and offer him the perfect part-time job, but he’ll later find out that may not work for him. So he will use the greatest source available to him: Google. Jim will search for jobs available in his area. These days, there are many great websites that allow Jim to make a resume and apply for local jobs online.

Jim spends the entirety of a Saturday afternoon filling out applications, doing the same surveys over and over for different restaurants and clothing stores that are looking for help.  Once completing these miserable and never ending morality tests, these applications will be sent out.

Jim waits patiently for an email telling him that all of those hours spent that Saturday afternoon had rewarded him with something. He never receives an email, so this is when he has to take direct action. Jim digs through the back of his closet for a nice dress shirt that isn’t wrinkled, and his only pair of black slacks. He then drives to every single place that received his application and asks to talk to the manager. Jim will ask about his application, double-check that the store has received it. Jim will smile and be respectful and pleasent. If Jim acts how he should, the store manager will write his name down and keep him in consideration when they look through the applications. This may seem like an unnecessary and tedious task, but it made Jim look good, like he really cares about getting this job.

If Jim does everything correctly and maybe even gets some references, there’s a very good chance he just might get one of these jobs.

Getting a part-time job is a really good experience for students in high school. It teaches responsibility, money management, and so many other things. It is constantly getting more difficult for students to find jobs. With the economy so poor, adults are given the part-time jobs that were originally given to students. If getting a job is too difficult or too much of a time commitment, students can stick to small jobs like babysitting, raking leaves, or clearing driveways of snow during the heavy Michigan winters. This sort of job can not only be an opportunity to make money, but they can also really help people who need the help.

If a part-time job is something that is really necessary, just follow the steps of Jim and don’t give up too soon, some kind of job is sure to come up.


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