Rockin’ the school house

On Nov. 15-17, the DHS Drama Club put on a production of “Schoolhouse Rock Live.”

The show was about a teacher on her first day of teaching third grade. She’s really nervous about it, but different parts of her imagination come to help her and teach her some “Schoolhouse Rock” songs so she knows what to teach her students.

Senior Molly Rossman has been involved in DHS drama for years now, and “Schoolhouse Rock Live” was her fourth show.

“I really like drama in general, so that’s what really makes me want to perform a lot,” Rossman said. “I just really like the adrenaline rush that you get before you go on stage and just the idea of expressing something to someone else through motion and song.”

The performers put on two shows on Nov. 15 and three shows on Nov. 16 to different groups of elementary school students. The students were able to come and see the performances during their school day.

“That was really cool because they were really interested in the different activities that we had them do while we were performing,” Rossman said. “So they really enjoyed it.”

For their performances for the elementary school students, the shows had a large turnout.

“We got a lot of kids to come, about 800 I want to say for our first performance, and about 700 the next day,” Rossman said. “As far as public performances, we got a little bit less than we expected, but still a good crowd.”

Overall, Rossman said that “Schoolhouse Rock Live” was definitely a successful show.

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