Northwood puts on college night

By Mary Husser
staff writer

Thursday, Sep. 22, the Hach Center at Northwood University hosted College Night. From 6:30 to 8:00 pm, students, parents, and counselors received information from nearly 100 colleges and universities both in and out of state. Each school was given its own table, where representatives answered questions, gave out pamphlets, and provided information about their school.

“It’s not just for students at Dow, but Midland, Bullock Creek, Coleman and Meridian,” counselor Lori Hallberg said. “It’s pretty successful.”

University of Michigan, Michigan State, Lake Superior State, and Michigan Tech were just a few of the colleges represented. Senior Danielle Purtell attended college night last year, along with many other students interested in gaining college information.

“It was nice to be able to see all of the schools that are available to you in Michigan,” Purtell said. “You can get brochures and actually talk to representatives, explain your situation and get personal feedback.”

Hallberg suggested going, whether you are just starting your search or if you are already in the refining process.

“You can go and ask questions. Even if you have no idea, you can collect information,” Hallberg said.

The event was once hosted at Dow High, but is now at Northwood for the space, the option to include more schools, and the opportunity for students to visit a college campus.

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