Slabaugh takes reigns as assistant principal

By Cameron Macko
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Open the door to the Student Services office and there is a receptionist’s desk overlooking a lobby-like area. In the corner of the lobby, behind a cubicle wall, is an office, messy with evidence of a swift-move in and hefty workload. Behind the desk sits a lady with a nice smile who is always willing to help. This is the new assistant principal, Amy Slabaugh.

Slabaugh is an exceptionally diverse addition to the DHS administration. Going to school at Central Michigan University and earning a Master’s degree, her experiences have stretched from an elementary school counselor at Siebert Elementary to a sixth grade science and English teacher at Jefferson Middle School.

“I’ve always enjoyed learning,” Slabaugh said. “It [teaching] always seemed like a natural choice for me.”

This isn’t her first job in an assistant principal position, as she was one at Central Middle School just before coming to DHS. She hasn’t decided to specialize in a certain area and has moved positions very frequently, although she does miss elementary counseling. Change and new experiences are something she enjoys.

“I’m flexible and welcome change and challenges,” she said. “New things are exciting for me.”

Slabaugh has had the opportunity to work with students across the entire K-12 school spectrum, but elected to come to DHS because she has mostly worked at the elementary and middle school levels.

“[It was an] opportunity to work with older students,” she said.

Currently, she is going for an administrative certificate at Saginaw Valley State University.

Slabaugh says all her experiences are great and has had so many memories she couldn’t decide what her favorite moment was. The rationale she gave was that she simply loved the variety of experiences.

“I’ve liked everything I’ve done,” she said.

That includes her short time spent at DHS.

“The people here are welcoming and are great,” she said. “It’s not hard to catch the Charger Spirit.”

Slabaugh took over for Ben Cronkright, who became the principal at Carpenter elementary.

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