Students participate in Spirit Week

By Megan Bartlett
staff writer

Every year around 10,000 spectators are drawn to the Midland High/Dow High football game. As a result, it’s considered one of the biggest high school football games in the state of Michigan. With MHS dominating their football season with a record of seven wins to one loss prior to the game, the pressure was high.

The game is something students look forward to every year, an opportunity to show MHS what DHS is all about. Last year, DHS won the game by a score of 24-0, but needed to step it up with most of last year’s players graduated. This game would be a chance to keep the streak going.

Junior Meg Cameron, DHS varsity cheerleader, knew exactly what to do to pump the boys up for the game. Being on the varsity team means cheering in the assemblies, decorating the football players’ lockers and marching in the halls on the morning of the game.

“I know for me at least, whenever I see a football player I always try to cheer them on and assure them they’ll do an awesome job,” Cameron said.

Cameron also felt that having school spirit and cheering her hardest goes a long way during the week of the game.

“If our boys know that we’re behind them, then they’re going to feel our support, and that’s what they need when playing against MHS, or any team for that matter,” Cameron said.

Junior Emily Bischoff, a saxophone player in marching band, also contributed. Being in marching band means jumping around and playing during the football games. Many band members also dressed up for spirit days throughout the week.

“I think the band has a good percentage of people who always participate in spirit days, since we’re supposed to be the sound of Charger SPIRIT,” Bischoff said.

Each day of the week had its own dress-up themed attire. On Monday, students wore college apparel, dressed as twins on Tuesday, wore classy or trashy attire on Wednesday, had color wars on Thursday (where each grade wore a different color) and wore green and gold on Friday.

“I have a lot of fun with twin day, but my favorite day to dress up is probably Friday. green and gold is something I really go all out on,” Bischoff said.

Bischoff said she felt that the more spirit a school has for their team, the better the overall outcome would turn out, even if not linked to the football team’s skill level or the game’s final score.

Junior Maeghen Carter, the vice chair of student union, played an important role in planning what events took place throughout the week. She helped with the planning of the bonfire (which was later canceled), Super Fan, the spirit assembly and hallway decorating.

Carter also admits to her excitement of dressing up throughout the week.

“I love it,” Carter said. “My favorite theme this year would have to be classy vs. trashy, I’m always interested to see what people will wear.”

Like the others, Carter also felt that the football players could use some optimism and support to back them during their important game against MHS.

“I feel like [having spirit] will give the football team plenty of encouragement, just by seeing everyone out there supporting them, and that could help them a lot,” Carter said.

DHS varsity football player and co-captain Ben McRae knows what it’s like to be out on that field playing against their biggest rival. He gave a thumbs up on what helps him when playing such an important game.

“The band is a huge part of it when I’m out on the field, especially the drumline. Just the atmosphere and how everyone gets so pumped up for us helps,” McRae said.

At the end of the night, DHS lost the game with a final score of 38-14. What the players did win though was a week of encouragement.

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